Targant Shop

The Shop

A Sales and Exchange Space

The Argan Museum boutique is comprised of two parts:
An area for tasting and Dermo Advice
A sales area

The Shop

Sales Area

The sales space not only offers products from the argan center, but also a carefully curated selection from other local cooperatives: Argan Oil, Amlou, Honey and derivative products. The boutique also offers a freshness space, spices, glassware, items woven from straw, pottery, and a bazaar to name a few. In the background, numerous artists' creations that promote TARGANT's sustainable and environmentally responsible values will be exposed throughout the year in this argan-based wellness shop.

The Shop

Tasting Area

Conceived as a place of transition between production and the sales area, the Tasting & Dermo Advice space is intended to be a welcoming place of well-being, exchange and meeting while allowing visitors to taste various culinary products being offered, and to test cosmetic products, as well as benefit from valuable advice on the use of each type of product.

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