The Argan Museum

AGADIR SOUSS MASSA is proud to announce that it is now enriched with an Argan center, home to the world's first ARGAN Museum.

This new component dedicated to argan is situated in the Taghazout Bay resort and was developed by the Société d'Amenagement et de Promotion de la Station de Taghazout, in collaboration with La Fondation du Sud, local cooperatives, historians and other specialists in the sector.

This center, focused on promoting local products, aims to

natural heritage

Preserve the natural heritage linked to argan.

Production Process

Promote the production process of argan and marketing argan in all its forms

local cooperatives

Support local cooperatives and women in the AGADIR SOUSS MASS region


Contribute to the economy in solidarity of the region.


The Museum Of Argan, The Original Concept.


Building on its values with solid social pillars and unwavering in its original concept, the Targant center offers six unique experiences

1 - museum to commemorate the Argan of yesterday and tell the story of the Argan of today
2 - Production workshops/ ateliers for argan, its deliveratives in all its forms
3 - Spaces dedicated to tasting and the commercialisation of the product from local production
4 - A restaurant offering argan-based and local product dishes
5 - Hiking excursions allowing for full immersion into the natural world of Argan
6 -Around the concept of Targant-Museum of Argan- a series of events and animations are programmed year-round with diverse activities :
a - Cooking classes
B - Conferences centered around argan
C - Competitions centered around argan
D - A day dedicated to planting new argan trees
E - An annuel event honouring the International Day of Argania Art'Gant Day

Museum's program

The Museum's program is conceived to spark interest in multiple audiences, while highlighting different pathways

An annuel event honouring the International Day of Argania
Techniques through a Technique and Valorisation space
Scientific and socioeconomic through space dedicated to the "Argan's Ecosystem"
Innovation through a "ARGAN of today and tomorrow" space
Recreation through an "educational space"

A Museum to Commerate the Argan of Yesterday and Honour the Argan of Today

The Argan tree carries ecological, social and humane values. Its exploitation has always been based on mutual assistance, tolerance, cooperation, and the values to be transmitted to young people through educational programs. It is in this spirit that Targant houses the Museum of Argan dedicated to the argan tree, the sole objective of which it is to strengthen communication efforts with a national and international audience on this world heritage recognized by UNESCO as a unique and exception resource that contributes to its enhancement and protection.

Production Workshop

Argan in all its forms

In support of the Museum, the Targant Center, has been designed to introduce visitors to the production process of argan oil from start to finish.

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